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  • What is Googoth ?
    Googoth is the first search engine specialized on dark, gothic, industrial, fetish or alternative topics. It was created as a joke on the early 2001 and finally can count the widest site database of the Internet. Firstly on, the site definitively moved to

  • History
    - Jan 1st, 1970: Last subscription by
    - Sep 24th, 2003: new logo by Dream
    - Mar 19th, 2002: 666th subscription by The Ensouled Violin
    - Sep 2001: moving to
    - Early 2001: Googoth birth

  • Who is behind Googoth ?
    Googoth was fully implemented by Ezechiel Von Nutello.
    Logo and graphical materials by Dream.

  • Contact Us
    - Ezechiel: Designer/Webmaster/Administrator
    - Dream: Artistic Director (Logo, T-shirts, ...)

  • Special thanks (by alphabetical order)
    - Dark Side of the Net
    - /goth
    - Dream for her wonderfull work
    - High-Tech Industries
    - IKEA
    - net.goth
    - Ze Ginette's homepage
    and of course
    - Google

  • Add googoth to your website.
    You can now add a Googoth box to your website. A Googoth box allows you to search the darkest sites of the web directly from your own webpages. provides you two prebuilt HTML Googoth boxes ready to use. Modifications are of course allowed in order to allow you to insure that the boxes will bestly fit to your webpages, the only restriction is to refer as the provider of the results by linking to us or by using the logo.

    Standard Googoth box.

    The first search engine
    with real bat chunks in it... 
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    Just copy and paste the above HTML code to your webpage.

    Light Googoth box.

    Just copy and paste the above HTML code to your webpage.

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