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If you are a webmaster and wish to see one or maybe several of your websites removed from, please just send me an email and your website will be removed as soon as possible.

If by mistake you entered wrong information about your registering website you can correct the subscription by registering again with the correct information. During a subscription, new keyword will be appended to previous one so no need to reenter the whole keyword again. If you entered a wrong url for your website just send me an email with the correct url and it will be fixed asap.

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New subscriptions need to be manually verified and validated before being "searchable" in Sometimes it can take a few hours or even a couple of days before i can validate the most recent entries (I have a life too), it's absolutely useless to spam the subscription interface.
Some of you may have noticed that the latest subscriptions are displayed in real time on the credits page. Only the brand new subscribers are displayed there, so don't worry if you website doesn't appear at once it may have been already registered before.

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